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Smart Board Propad 65", 75", 86" and 98"

v 12MP Camera, 

v 8 array Mics and Speakers built-in

v OPS Windows 10 & Android

v Wireless presentation system

v Smart Pen for touch writing and presentation 

v Energy Star certification

Our interactive whiteboard is wide application in the conference office and becoming a strong assistant of teachers.

It can replace a series of equipment  existing in conference rooms and classroom, such as projectors, computers, television and so on. The intelligent experience, high-definition display, smooth touch, teleconference and other rich functions have updated the traditional meeting and class methods, and also solved various inefficiencies and inconveniences in the meetings over the years.

Vidéo Conferencing

Realistic communication like face to face, convenient and safe

 Screen Mirroring

Easy screen mirroring for a good presentation and sharing

File Sharing

Scan a QR code to easily store and share meeting records

 Writing and Drawing

Precise brushstrokes and paper -like writing experience


Dual System

Android and Windows dual system supports more applications


Easy Installation

Removable floor stand is optional


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