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Expressdisplay helps disseminate key information within a company. The screens are mainly installed at the entrance of the company, in the break room, or directly in the production department. Two types of information will then be conveyed. First, those targeted for site visitors such as welcome messages, location maps, news RSS feeds, key company figures… The second type of information concerns employees. This provides a lot of information such as: future training courses provided, positions to be filled, the dates of the next professional interview sessions, employee classifieds (weddings, births, events, etc.), announcements of new employees, etc. So much information relating to community life within a company which reinforces the feeling of belonging to the structure.

Digital signage at the heart of your business

Disseminate key information by connecting the Expressdisplay digital signage solution to your production, flow management and logistics tools.


  • -Broadcast a message to remind you of the safety instructions.
  • -Post reminders, memos, information to staff.
  • -Transmit as much information as possible, remotely, on the life of the group and its functioning, on all production sites and other agencies.
  • -On future business, safety and hygiene training sessions


-Disseminate key monitoring indicators, upcoming audits

-Announce the volume of production in progress and what remains to be done.

-On your company's action plans

Display vacancies

-Disseminate local information and events

-On the next professional and annual interviews


  • -Communicate the goals.
  • -Give permanent visibility to performance indicators.


  • -Maintenance operations in progress or to come.
  • -Customer visits
  • -Future audits and their results
  • -The next important dates (establishment committee, works council, sporting events)


  • -Your employees can send their classifieds (events, births, association, etc.)
  • -Announce the arrival of a newcomer and his position within the company

Communicate with digital signage in the industrial sector

Many sectors of activity, such as restaurants, hotels and even tourism, have switched to communication 4.0: digital signage is one of the tools to start this digital transition.

Whether for a logistics company, for a factory or a factory, Expressdisplay digital signage meets different needs. Available through an ergonomic web interface, fluid and accessible to all, the dynamic display software allows you to distribute a lot of information to your employees and visitors to your site.

The multimedia content is dynamic, adapted to your target and above all modifiable in real time. You can create distribution schedules based on the site audience. The content can be synchronized with various production tools such as ERP, computer-assisted maintenance management, Excel tables, logistics tools, etc.

The exchange of its data makes it possible to communicate precisely according to the period of the day and the location of the screens.

The dynamic nature of the messages relayed will have much more impact since the gaze is more easily captivated and the information is memorized for a longer time. The image of your company or factory will thus be modernized.

Make your businesses connected businesses!