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Video conferencing solution

The equipment for meeting rooms are complete remote collaboration solutions that will reinforce the feeling of closeness between the interlocutors thanks to a spectacular audio and video quality. Focusing on extensible models allows you to tailor your remote collaboration solution to your business' needs.

Onedirect offers a large selection of videoconferencing tools for your medium-sized meeting rooms, all from leading brands on the market, namely: Logitech, Aver, Konftel, etc.

In business, videoconferencing has become ubiquitous: with increasingly innovative solutions, remote meetings and video seminars allow professionals to collaborate remotely, without wasting time while traveling. In the context of communication, distancing is fast becoming a norm. Companies have understood the challenges and advantages of video conferencing systems in terms of time, money and efficiency. At a time of the development of teleworking, it is more relevant than ever to equip its premises with a videoconference room, to allow the holding of remote meetings, communication by video calls and the organization of conferences. line.

Before embarking on the purchase of your video conferencing solution it is imperative to understand the nuance between an individual solution and a meeting room solution. While individual solutions include offices as well as small meeting rooms such as Huddle Rooms, meeting room systems include all workspaces that have a capacity of 7 to 12 people. These so-called "classic" meeting rooms are multipurpose spaces capable of both hosting small meetings and meetings with more participants if the appropriate tools are available.

The preferred equipment for medium-sized meeting rooms is flexible and modular equipment that you can adjust to meet the professional needs of your business. An expandable system to which you can add an additional microphone will allow you to gather more people in your room when needed, while enjoying full sound coverage of your room.

Why equip your room with a videoconferencing solution?

Video brings a user-friendliness far superior to simple conference calls: distance is almost erased and communication is facilitated. A simple and innovative work tool, a videoconferencing solution can bring together employees working on very distant sites, even internationally, and also establish an interesting proximity between a professional and his client.

Equipping a meeting room with a quality videoconferencing solution makes it possible to take advantage of numerous functionalities: the software thus includes, in addition to the video functionality, the softphone for online calls, a messaging system allowing instant chat between employees, shared calendars and other tools for sharing files of all formats.

Several options are available to you: by opting for a complete pack including a 180 ° or 360 ° videoconferencing system, high quality speakers for impeccable acoustics and directional microphones, your videoconferencing or coworking room will be equipped. for live video conferences as well as remote work meetings. A current solution for more flexible, more ecological and less expensive work.

Focus on our best solutions for your meeting rooms

Faced with the emergence of teleworking and videoconferencing as new modes of professional communication, the number of references on the market has multiplied in the space of just a few months. In the face of this rapid growth, choosing the right conference material can turn out to be a real Chinese headache, and we know it. To help you choose your meeting room videoconferencing solution, we've identified the best tools for remote collaboration.

To further simplify the collaboration process between you and your various contacts, all the products listed are compatible with many collaboration software, including: Zoom, Microsoft Teams, Skype for Business, Google Hangouts, Google Meet, Cisco or still GoToMeeting. You won't need to purchase additional software or mobile apps to easily take part in video conferences.