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Digital signage in the financial sector

With the ExpressDisplay digital signage solution, improve your customer experience in your branches: disseminate important and motivating information to convince your customers to accept your offers

What communication strategy to adopt in the finance sector?

The digitization of the sector has already started with the digitization of banking contracts or even accounts statements; why not continue this transformation within your branches for your communication?            So what messages to broadcast in a bank? 

In addition to reducing the feeling of wasting time of your visitors, digital signage has many other advantages in serving your customers. 

Digital display makes it possible to transmit information with interactive and therefore attractive content, broadcast in real time. You can manage the content, customize it and most importantly control it remotely. A digital information screen allows the finance professions to inform their audience about current financial trends, current special offers, current interest rates, the exchange rates...

The relational aspect in this type of profession must be taken care of since this type of establishment must inspire trust and customer follow-up. The interest for banks in using this communication tool is to improve the customer experience and therefore to stand out in this very competitive market.

ExpressDisplay is an ideal solution to provide relevant and above all essential information to your visitors. 


The content can be distributed within a single bank branch or standardized across the entire banking group, for example. Digital signage can therefore be deployed on a large scale.

With a digital signage solution like ExpressDisplay, you can define user rights to manage the uploading of information. Each information is therefore checked either by the head office or by an agency. This remote control of messages is a real asset in terms of communication management for structures established at the national level and especially in relation to the confidential nature that certain information in the finance sector can generate.

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