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Leisure Sector

Digital signage

Digital signage is your best ally for communicating more closely and capturing the gaze of your viewers / visitors. Deliver unique content and original ads to grab the attention of your customers and enhance their experience.

Diffusion examples


Your customers' entertainment experience (quizzes, games, etc.)


Waiting times at counters while broadcasting media content.


-Guide, orient your visitors and help them get around.

-Present the different services offered.

-Display news from your establishment.

our expertise


Whether it is to personalize your welcome, transmit information, entertain the public ... Express Display's dynamic display solutions offer many advantages. By using software such as ExpressDisplay, you can save time as the interface is intuitive and the content can be edited quickly


You are also environmentally friendly, as you reduce printing on paper, thus reducing costs.


You can also optimize the types of messages to be broadcast according to the position of the screen. For example, a screen placed at the entrance can provide information such as opening times and prices, while a screen located inside serves to guide visitors. With digital signage, you can attract passersby and provide a unique experience, thanks to the attractive and beautiful size of the screen.